Cloud Computing, one of the most popular topics in today’s era, is the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications, including servers, networking, storage, databases, and software, via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. It offers flexible resources, rapid innovation, and economies of scale.

Yes, it really is that simple!

No more big upfront investments in hardware and software. No more complex management of on-premise data centers. Cloud Computing enables you to consume IT resources as a utility — like electricity — paying only for what you use when you use it.

The key benefits of Cloud Computing are agility, efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and productivity. The Cloud service provider (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) does most of the work, so your IT staff can focus on more strategic initiatives. And because the Cloud enables you to provision new resources rapidly, your organization can respond more quickly to changing market conditions and customer/client demands.

Consequently, Cloud Computing has developed into one of the most powerful and in-demand technologies today. Numerous businesses are migrating to the Cloud in order to enhance their operations and reduce expenses. The popularity of Cloud Computing is only going to escalate in the coming years.

All the things considered, such as the popularity and the surge in demand for competent Cloud Computing professionals, a plethora of e-learning platforms have established world-class Cloud Computing Courses, enabling aspirants to build a successful career in the domain.

Without much further ado, let’s briefly discuss the top 3 online Computing Computing courses available today.

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I have picked out the current best courses to learn Cloud Computing online. These courses are offered by the world’s leading ed-tech platforms, Great Learning, Coursera, and Simplilearn. Globally renowned professionals have designed these courses to teach you all you need to know to get started with this cutting-edge technology.

Great Learning, a part of BYJU’s group, is one of the world’s reputed ed-tech firms for professional and higher education. It has been a top-tier platform that offers 30+ comprehensive, industry-relevant programs in over 170+ countries.

The company has a solid international presence and has partnered with leading universities and organizations, including the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and many more.

Great Learning’s courses are designed to help working professionals upskill and reskill for the jobs of the future. The company’s mission is to make high-quality education accessible and affordable to everyone.

Great Learning has designed this PG Program in Cloud Computing in collaboration with Great Lakes Executive Learning and several highly experienced industry leaders. This program focuses on empowering professionals to upskill and fast-track their careers in Cloud Computing.

Why Choose This Course?

  1. The course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers over 90+ Cloud services.
  2. Solve and build more than 15 use cases through hands-on labs and projects across various Cloud platforms.
  3. Specialize in Cloud concepts and domains by working on a Capstone Project inspired by real-life industry problems.
  4. Get dedicated career assistance, such as resume building, interview preparation, and personalized career guidance.
  5. Upon successfully completing the course, you will be awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing from Great Lakes Executive Learning.

Course Features

  1. Course Type: You will go through personalized weekend online mentoring sessions.
  2. Course Duration: This program is for 8 months and provides 300+ hours of online learning content.
  3. Course Fees: Rs. 1,25,000 + GST. The program also includes monthly installments with zero-cost EMI and EMI plans.
  4. Course Eligibility: The applicants should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a technology role, which includes exposure to development, testing/quality assurance, maintenance, database administration, and technology infrastructure management.

[Visit the Program Page for all the details]

Coursera is an online learning platform with courses from prestigious universities and companies. Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, two Stanford computer science professors, launched it in 2012, and it has a comprehensive range of courses available, including certificate programs, professional development, and free courses.

Coursera’s goal is to make high-quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or their financial situation. Coursera has a number of features that make learning on the platform economical and straightforward. Courses can be sorted by level (beginning, intermediate, or advanced), language, length, and price.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a global leader in research, teaching, and public engagement, with a diverse range of programmes, a solid academic reputation, and internationally renowned faculty and alumni. Illinois contributes to the world by developing knowledge, preparing students for meaningful lives, and addressing crucial societal issues.

This Cloud Computing Specialization provides an overview of Cloud Computing technologies. It covers all the essential Cloud Computing concepts, Cloud Systems, Big Data, Distributed Computing, Cloud Networking, and Machine Learning.

This Specialization is related to the online Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which will help you start working towards your Master’s Degree.

Why Choose This Course?

  1. The course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers various essential skills.
  2. A Coursera Specialization is a collection of courses that will help you master a specific skill.
  3. You can enroll in this program for free.
  4. You will have an option to complete just one course, all courses, pause your learning, or end your subscription at any time.
  5. Every Specialization includes a hands-on project.
  6. Once you complete all the courses, including the hands-on project, you’ll receive a Certificate that you can share with potential employers and your professional network.

Course Features

  1. Course Type: You will have access to self-paced video content.
  2. Course Duration: You can complete it at your own pace.
  3. Course Fees: This Specialization is entirely free.
  4. Course Eligibility: Any aspirant looking to learn Cloud Computing can enroll in this Specialization.

[Visit the Program Page for all the details]

Simplilearn is another leading e-learning platform that offers online training courses in a variety of subjects, including data science, project management, big data, digital marketing, and more.

Simplilearn’s mission is to help working professionals gain the skills they need to advance in their careers. The company offers both online and offline courses and has a team of expert instructors who deliver high-quality content.

Simplilearn is a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain new skills or advance their career. The company’s courses are affordable and convenient, and its team of expert instructors makes learning new concepts easy.

Caltech is a world’s reputed science and engineering institute that brings together some of the sharpest minds and most cutting-edge technology to tackle fundamental scientific questions and significant societal issues. Caltech prizes excellence and ambition.

This PG Program in Cloud Computing helps you become an expert in designing, planning, and scaling Cloud implementations. It teaches you how to create and deploy dynamically scalable and dependable applications on three popular cloud platform providers: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Why Choose This Course?

  1. The course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers the key concepts of Azure, AWS, and GCP platforms.
  2. Implement 40+ Hands-On Projects with Integrated Labs across various Cloud platforms.
  3. Work on a Capstone Project in 4 domains.
  4. You will gain access to Simplilearn’s JobAssist, which helps you get noticed by top hiring companies.
  5. You will also gain Caltech CTME (Center for Technology & Management Education) Circle Membership.
  6. Upon successfully completing the course, you will be awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing from Caltech CTME.

Course Features

  1. Course Type: You will go through live virtual classrooms with self-paced online videos.
  2. Course Duration: This course is for 12 months.
  3. Course Fees: Rs. 2,24,700 (Incl. Taxes). The program also includes monthly installments with zero-cost EMI plans.
  4. Course Eligibility:
    -> The applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with an average of 50% or higher marks.
    ->They may come from a non-programming background.
    -> They do not need to have prior work experience.

[Visit the Program Page for all the details]

The programs mentioned above are the best 3 Cloud Computing courses online, providing you with the skills and expertise you need to be a successful Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Systems Administrator, or any other related job profile.

Accordingly, I reckon you to do proper research on each course before enrolling in it, where it is crucial to consider your goals and what you hope to gain from the program.

With this, I would like to end my article. Thanks for reading so far! If you like this article, do share it across your network. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

Wishing you all the very best for your career in Cloud Computing!


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