FantomFantom, a pioneering blockchain project gaining recognition for its practical applications, emerges as a leading platform for decentralized applications. In a landscape marked by intense competition and a consistent influx of new projects targeting scalability and speed, Fantom’s rapid development remains unhindered.


The Unique Proposition of Fantom Opera Mainnet


Delving into the core of Fantom’s uniqueness lies the Fantom Opera mainnet, a robust platform seamlessly compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and offering comprehensive support for smart contracts through Solidity. The utilization of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) sets Fantom apart from conventional layer 1 blockchain implementations.

Understanding the Dynamics of OPERA Chain


At the heart of Fantom’s infrastructure is the OPERA Chain, strategically designed to address scalability concerns inherent in traditional blockchain models. Operating as a Directed Acyclic Graph, Fantom Opera employs Scala, a functional programming language, to generate bytecode on the FANTOM Network. The OPERA Chain comprises three pivotal layers:


Core Layer: Responsible for processing transactions.

Ware Layer: Provides essential APIs, smart contract production tools, wallets, etc.

Application Layer: Dedicated to facilitating third-party applications.

DAG – Redefining Blockchain Structure


In contrast to the conventional blockchain structure, Fantom’s DAG operates as a tree of nodes and vertices. Each vertex, akin to a block in traditional blockchain terminology, represents a collection of transactions within the network. Fantom’s asynchronous operations empower network stakers to generate new transactions at any given moment.


Cross-Linked Structure for Seamless Documentation


Fantom introduces flexibility by allowing the association of transaction blocks with one or multiple vertices, resulting in a clearly defined cross-link structure within the DAG. This innovative approach ensures the seamless documentation of every network occurrence, emphasizing speed and security. With a remarkable transaction confirmation time of approximately 1 second, the Fantom Opera Chain stands as a technological cornerstone, accessible to users through the network’s block browsers.


Fantom Opera – A Secure, Rapid, and Permissionless Environment


Fantom Opera emerges as a secure and swift environment for constructing decentralized applications. Beyond its speed, it is entirely permissionless and open-source. Fueled by Fantom’s aBFT consensus algorithm, it harnesses velocity and fast finality, making it well-prepared for real-world applications without the risks of congestion or prolonged confirmation periods.


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