The F-35 Lightening II is the most sustainable tactical aircraft out there according to Lockheed Martin, but the US Office of Defense (DoD) needs to optimise its fleet sustainment and readiness general performance even further.

On 23 February, the DoD awarded F-35 designer and manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, a $32.5m contract modification from a previous purchase for a fleet of the stealth aircracft.

This modification provides scope to style, produce, and create the F-35 NextGen Open Mission services. Lockheed will encompass the usage of fashionable cloud-primarily based technologies and modern-day software program methodologies for the Joint Strike Fighter programme.

Cloud-primarily based systems are significantly getting invested in and are starting to perform an integral aspect of the defence field. The principle of a shared IT infrastructure supplies versatility, useful resource-efficiency and charge-effectiveness.

GlobalData states that cloud enables sensors, companies and agencies to interconnect, supplying forces the important superiority to overwhelm enemies that lag behind in this kind of drive multipliers.

Lockheed’s logistic failures

Lockheed Martin experienced originally adapted its Autonomic Logistics Information Process (ALIS) to its first rollout of F-35s. Nonetheless, this logistics program – which experienced been intended to observe all features of the F-35 maintenance and the fleet at big – shown issues of inaccurate or lacking information according to the Govt Accountability Office (GAO) in 2020.

ALIS’s successor program, the Operational Details Built-in Network (ODIN), was launched in 2021. ODIN has considering that verified to be broad enhancement. The Joint Strike Fighter programme website tells us ODIN’s properties.

“ODIN will be a cloud-indigenous system that incorporates a new built-in knowledge ecosystem and a new suite of consumer-centered apps it will be a significant phase ahead to strengthen F-35 fleet’s sustainment and readiness performance”.

On the other hand seamlessly this system may be doing work now, the simple fact continues to be that the DoD’s modification indicates that it has new requires for the IT spine of its finest auto asset.

Cloud as pathway to evolution

What is known – from this modification and the results of ODIN – is that cloud is identifiably the long term system for the F-35 fighter. But what cloud capabilities should Lockheed Martin devote to R&D with the US Government’s financial investment?

As the war in Ukraine has revealed, opposing forces can deploy electronic warfare (EW) assets that rely on weighty jamming outputs that can easily interrupt telecommunications. In such an natural environment, cloud computing would confront really serious issues.

Element of Lockheed’s growth modification to F-35 logistics could seem to fortify the security of its cloud infrastructure.

There has presently been increasing curiosity in this location in Q1 2023. On 23 February, NV5 Global obtained Axim Geospatial, which features “cloud services” and “critical infrastructure and security”. This acquisition demonstrates the elevated worry for cloud stability in the defence and intelligence industry.

In addition, a different critical focus on of study issue would be to boost the seamless movement of info gathered from sensors.

The aerial objects shot down above North The united states so much this year have offered the significant-altitude surveillance market elevated notice. The Chinese spy balloon has specially drawn US concern to defending its intelligence, especially vital info.

It appears to be realistic that consideration will be supplied to the info movement concerning sensors and the wider cloud network.

GlobalData’s report on Cloud Computing in Defense tells us that the US Airforce (USAF), which closely relies on the continual move of information from multiple sensors, is shifting the sensor-to-shooter cycle operational method into one particular of data-to-decision. It is a significantly wider a person that refers to the main capacity of this interval, the collection and assessment of information, to make an educated final decision.

If this modification tells us everything, it is that a demand from customers for cloud-based systems, and their secure upkeep, are only anticipated to enhance as we enter a section of fashionable warfare that works by using details as an asset to be exploited.


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