DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Next Generation Public and Personal Safety Applications and Services Market by Technology, Infrastructure and Use Cases 2022 – 2027” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

The report includes forecasts for the public and personal safety market globally and regionally from 2022 to 2027 as well as analysis and recommendations for industry stakeholders.

This report assesses the public and personal safety solutions market including those involved in critical infrastructure and advanced cyber and physical security. This report assesses core public safety technology and solutions as well as emerging key areas for critical communications and decision support including 5G, AI, and IoT.

Traditionally, the public safety community consists of first responders (ambulance/EMS, police, and fire), 9-1-1 dispatch/PSAP (Public Safety Answer Points), and infrastructure/service providers such as ComTech Telecommunications Corp. and Intrado. With Public Safety LTE and the roll-out of FirstNet, public safety services have expanded to include improved communications infrastructure as compared to legacy land mobile radio systems.

The public safety community increasingly relies upon IP-based solutions for first responders and dispatch communications as well as overall coordination in the event of emergencies and disaster impact mitigation. Next-generation enterprise safety solutions enable the ability to identify and locate those in distress, direct emergency communications, and notify need-to-know personnel.

Advancements in LTE and the introduction of 5G are expected to provide improved first responder communications, coordination, and safety. Further enhancements are expected through the integration of next-generation public safety solutions such as augmented reality for first responders and virtual reality coupled with haptic awareness and control for remote public safety personnel.

In addition, advancements in public safety real-time data and decision support systems will provide life-saving and property protecting information for field personnel and coordinators alike. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for public safety is also important for the future of public safety as remote sensors will be increasingly relied upon to predict and prevent threats as well as provide invaluable situational awareness tools for emergency services personnel.

Many of these technologies will ultimately be integrated into public safety systems. However, personal safety and enterprise public safety will lead the way in terms of technology adoption, systems integration, and solution deployment. For example, leading companies such as IP communications provider, Bandwidth, deploys enterprise 9-1-1 and safety systems for business that include integration with unified communications by way of telecom APIs.

In another leading company example, NICE Systems provides security organizations and emergency services to protect people and assets. They do this in a multi-facet manner that includes anticipation and management of safety and security risks with solutions that help organizations mitigate threats to operations.

We see leading vendors focused on enterprise safety and security will be the primary area for integration of next-generation solutions involving AI, data analytics, IoT, and immersive technologies. The challenges will be to use a systems integration approach to tie together technologies in a manner in which useful solutions will seamlessly operate with existing command, control, and communications without unintended consequences such as introducing new system security and/or reliability threats or points of failure respectively.

Select Report Findings:

  • Global market for public and personal safety market poised to reach USD $532B by 2027
  • Biometric security and authentication systems will have the highest CAGR during the forecasted period
  • North America will lead the public safety and personal safety market followed by Asia Pac and Europe
  • Public safety LTE and upcoming 5G network will make substantial positive impacts on public safety systems
  • Enterprise safety and security solutions will lead the market in terms of new technology introduction and solution realization

Key Topics Covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction

2.1 Public Safety and Personal Safety

2.2 Citizen Engagement and Security

2.3 Market Structure

2.4 Market Dynamics

2.5 Value Chain Analysis

2.6 Cost Success Factor Analysis

3.0 Infrastructure

3.1 Control Systems

3.2 Critical Communication Network

3.3 Biometric Security and Authentication System

3.4 Surveillance System and Privacy Concern

3.5 Scanning and Screening System

3.6 Emergency Disaster Management

3.7 Personal Safety and General Alarms

4.0 Technology

4.1 TE Core and RAN Technology

4.2 5G Core and NR Technology

4.3 Voice and Non-voice Communications

4.4 IoT Connectivity Technology

4.5 AI Technology

4.6 Web-Based CAD

4.7 Infrastructure, Devices, and Integrated Systems

4.8 Smartphone as Personal Safety Tool

4.9 IoT Device for Emergency Communication

4.10 RMS and Other Software

4.11 Public Safety Analytics and Components

4.12 Public Safety Data

5.0 Deployment and Integration

5.1 Cloud Deployment

5.2 Edge Computing in Smart Cities

5.3 Emergency Call Routing

5.4 Public Safety Answer Points

5.5 Personal Safety Notification

5.6 Interoperability

6.0 Solutions by Industry Vertical

6.1 Government

6.2 Healthcare

6.3 Commercial and Residential

6.4 Construction and Architecture

6.5 Manufacturing

6.6 Emergency Services

6.7 Retail

6.8 Banking and Financial Institute

6.9 Other Verticals

7.0 Company Analysis

7.1 3DR

7.2 AGT International

7.3 Alarm Radio Monitoring

7.4 Aptean Corporation

7.5 Atos SE

7.6 Cisco Systems

7.7 Dataminr

7.8 Eagle Genomics

7.9 Enforsys

7.10 Enigma Technologies

7.11 ESRI

7.12 Fire Recovery USA

7.13 Gemalto

7.14 General Dynamics Corporation

7.15 Glympse

7.16 L3Harris Technologies

7.17 Haystax

7.18 Hexagon

7.19 Hitachi Vantara

7.20 Honeywell International

7.21 Huawei Technologies

7.22 IBM

7.23 Ericsson

7.24 Motorola Solutions

7.25 NEC Corporation

7.26 Nice Systems

7.27 Nokia Corporation

7.28 Northrop Grumman Corporation

7.29 Novatronica

7.30 RapidSOS

7.31 SAP SE

7.32 SAS

7.33 SmartDrive Systems

7.34 Sonim Technology

7.35 Specialist Alarm Services

7.36 Sun Ridge Systems

7.37 SwiftAlarm

7.38 Telstra Corporation

7.39 Terracom Informatics

7.40 Tobii Technology

7.41 Twig Com

7.42 Tyler Technologies

7.43 Verint Systems

7.44 FirstNet

7.45 Verizon

7.46 AT&T


7.48 RedBox

7.49 Polaris Public Safety Solution

7.50 CentralSquare

7.51 iNet Public Safety

7.52 Codan Communications

7.53 Intellitech Corporation

7.54 Parallel Wireless

7.55 Saferwatch

7.56 Virtual Halo

7.57 Revolar

7.58 Twilio

7.59 Intersec

8.0 Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2022 – 2027

8.1 Global Public and Personal Safety Market 2022 – 2027

8.2 Market by Segment

8.3. Market by Infrastructure

8.4 Market by Software

8.5 Public Safety Analytics Market by Component

8.6 Public Safety Analytics Market by Type

8.7 Market by Service

8.8 Market by Technology

8.9 Market by Industry Vertical

8.10 Market by Government Application

8.11 Market by Deployment

9.0 Regional Public and Personal Safety Market 2022 – 2027

9.1 Market by Region

9.2 North America Market Forecast

9.3 Europe Market Forecast

9.4 APAC Market Forecast

9.5 MEA Market Forecast

9.6 Latin America Market Forecast

10.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

10.1 Advertisers and Media Companies

10.2 Artificial Intelligence Providers

10.3 Automotive Companies

10.4 Broadband Infrastructure Providers

10.5 Communication Service Providers

10.6 Computing Companies

10.7 Data Analytics Providers

10.8 Immersive Technology (AR, VR, and MR) Providers

10.9 Networking Equipment Providers

10.10 Networking Security Providers

10.11 Semiconductor Companies

10.12 IoT Suppliers and Service Providers

10.13 Software Providers

10.14 Smart City System Integrators

10.15 Automation System Providers

10.16 Social Media Companies

10.17 Workplace Solution Providers

10.18 Enterprise and Governments

10.19 Public Safety Agencies

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