The Fayetteville City Council will interview six candidates to make an appointment to the Fayetteville Public Works Commission's Board.

Two former Fayetteville councilmen, a retired Army brigadier general, an Army public works director, a real estate salesman and a local businessman are among a slate of candidates seeking appointment to the Fayetteville Public Works Commission’s Board.

The Fayetteville PWC provides electric, water and sewer services to the Fayetteville and Cumberland County area.  

The PWC Commission manages operations of the utilities and sets rates according to its charter.  

PWC commissioners are appointed by the Fayetteville Council each September to four-year terms, with a limit of up two terms, according to city documents. 

The Public Works Commission consists of four members who currently include Chair Evelyn Shaw, Vice Chair Ronna Garrett, Treasurer Wade Fowler Jr. and Secretary Donald Porter.

Applicants to the PWC Board are: Former Councilmen Christopher Davis and Ted Mohn, retired Brig. Gen. William Gothard, Army Public Works Chief Josef Hallatschek, Peter Stewart and Robert Vause. 


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