Joseph Schulz, Chief Information Officer at Carrier

Joseph Schulz, Chief Information Officer at Carrier

Joseph Schulz is a highly accomplished Chief Information Technology Executive with a track record of achieving significant results in large, global, complex Fortune 50 companies.

Currently, he is the Chief Information Officer at Carrier, where he is responsible for Enterprise Applications, Infrastructure and Workplace Services, Global Capability Centers and Centers of Excellence that are focused on Analytics & Automation, ERP & Digital Factory, and Digital Sales and Service. He has expertise in the design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performing information technology applications and platforms addressing complex business problems. Being a leader in digital transformation, he has extensive qualifications in all facets of customer engagement and project lifecycle management and is recognized for building highly engaged, innovative, outcome-based organizations.

While interacting with your clients, what are the major challenges and trends impacting the marketplace today?

The market is facing challenges in the supply chain. There are headwinds in commodity pricing, which necessitate companies to be even more efficient.

 Along with technology, the internal functioning of an organization is equally important. Technology can be an enabler but we also need to think about internal processes because that will ultimately impact the external customer outcomes 

Technology plays a crucial role in setting companies apart from their competitors in the market. Businesses that utilize technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of their manufacturing processes are more likely to succeed. Therefore, during times of economic stress, companies should prioritize internal improvements and adopt a streamlined approach to optimizing their organizational efficiency.

With the evolution of technology in the marketplace, how is it benefiting businesses? 

The evolution of technology in the marketplace is benefiting businesses in several ways. Firstly, technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence enable businesses to better predict and understand business conditions, leading to more informed decision making. Secondly, technology allows for greater visibility and utilization of existing data, providing a clear understanding of the organization’s internal processes. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that technology is an enabler and not a solution to every issue faced by a business. Therefore, equal importance should be given to driving stable internal processes that impact external customer outcomes.

From the journey you have, would you like to share a piece of advice with the other leaders and fellow peers? 

Take calculated risks, because nothing is a piece of cake in business. It often requires stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. It is important for leaders to focus on building a strong team, as the effectiveness of an organization relies heavily on the workforce. As a CIO, it is essential to encourage and motivate the team to perform at their best and make sure they feel valued and engaged throughout the journey.


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