Our Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services offers commercial cloud services and cloud related IT professional services to support your agency’s adoption, analysis, development, governance, migration, operations and maintenance, and optimization of Cloud technologies.

Cloud service models
Service model How it works Service examples
IaaS You buy the computing resources and control the Operating System (OS), storage, platform, deployed applications, and some limited infrastructure configurations, but you do not manage the physical infrastructure.
  • Bare-Metal as a Service
  • Data Center as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Storage as a Service
PaaS You deploy applications onto a cloud platform service using provider-supplied tools. You have control over deployed applications and some limited platform configurations but do not manage the platform or infrastructure.
  • Backend as a Service
  • Database as a Service
  • Function as a service
SaaS You use a provider’s applications on the provider’s cloud infrastructure, but do not manage/control the platform or infrastructure. You have limited application-level configuration control.
  • Application as a Service
  • Customer Relationship Management as a Service
  • Office Productivity as a Service
  • Video as a Service

How do I buy Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services?

Agencies can order through eBuy and GSA Advantage and issue an RFI or RFQ to vendors using Special Item Number 518210C.

Combine SINs to meet your requirements or try a blanket purchase agreement to easily fill recurring needs. You can also set aside the requirement for one or more socio-economic categories. Use eLibrary to identify and filter Cloud SIN vendors by socio-economic categories (e.g., small businesses, veteran-owned businesses, women-owned businesses).

How do I sell Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services?

MAS contract holder

Submit a modification to add a SIN in the eOffer/eMod portal.

Without an existing MAS contract

Follow the MAS Roadmap guidance for preparing and sending an offer.

Our FASt Lane and Startup Springboard vendor onboarding programs can get you selling on Schedules even faster.

Need help? Contact the Vendor Support Center.


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